I'm Cameron Knight,

15years old,


intsagram - @camoknight69 ,

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Anonymous asked: why do you never go on anymore?

got bored :s people stopped sending me messages

Anonymous asked: you're sexy af


Anonymous asked: Why have you got such a cunt of a head?

dunno aye,

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Anonymous asked: ya sexy

thanks :-)

Anonymous asked: roses are red violets are corny lets get together ill make you horny so fuck me suck me lick me good shove it in me like you should ride me bounce me ill get on top and when were done ill lick you like a lollipop.

fuck oath

i-do-not-like-highschool asked: your sexy xoxo

thanks! ;)

Anonymous asked: have you ever liked a brunette?

yeah :P

Anonymous asked: blonde or brunette

blonde (Y) but depends why type of girl they are though, some blondes are super sexy and some are ugly

same as brunettes, some are hot as fuck some aren’t :p but I prefer a sexy ass blonde ;)

Anonymous asked: how many followers do you have?

80 :/ hahahaha

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this chick looks like she&#8217;s sexy as fuck.. sexy legs, nice gap, good body ..why does she cut&#160;?! :&#8217;(